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FORGIVING DARKNESS Paintings by Inmates at ACRJ Jail w/ Kristofer Bowmaster – FRIDAY MARCH 1ST 5:30 – 8 PM

February 20, 2013


“Forgiving Darkness” is a body of work created over a nine-month period by over thirty inmates during three semesters of classes facilitated by local artist Kristofer Bowmaster in the ACRJ Jail. The title is taken from a line in a poem written by one of the gentlemen who participated. He wrote the poem in his cell while reflecting on the process of painting. In particular, these paintings, all of which began on opaque black canvases. The premise of each class was set upon the sobering fact that these are darker times for the participants, and yet light is always looking for a way in. We began by gathered in a circle and asking one another “what is worth while”. The men were encouraged to abandon some of their “old ideas” of what drawing and painting may have meant to them and to just allow the paint to move and speak to them. After the initial unconscious gestures with the paint we looked together at what occurred on the black canvases and began discovering what the creative process might be whispering to them. Equipped with new found information about “himself” each artist then worked back into their paintings with a healing intention.
*The work will be up for the month of March. All proceeds go to charity. 1/2 back to jail programs and the other 1/2 to “CALM” a tutoring program. Finally, a very special thanks to Ryan and Random Row Books for hosting this very important event!

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