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Local Attorney Running on Anti-Capital Punishment Platform to Speak Tues. April 9th at 7 PM

April 9, 2013

Prosecutor Against the Death Penalty

Imagine electing a Commonwealth’s Attorney here in Charlottesville, Va., who campaigned on ending the use or threat of capital punishment.  Former Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Deaton is campaigning for his old job with that in his platform., Cville Amnesty International, and Random Row Books invite you to come hear Deaton speak about the death penalty and other important issues in criminal justice, and ask him what’s on your mind.  This is not a campaign rally.  It’s a free and public event open to all.

Tuesday, April 9, 7:00 p.m., Random Row Books, Charlottesville, Va.
Sign up here on FaceBook and spread the word:
“I believe the death penalty is barbaric and has no place in modern Charlottesville courts,” Deaton says. “And so, I am calling for a moratorium on death penalty prosecutions. During the past 20 years, that is, the tenure of the incumbent Commonwealth’s Attorney, a number of capital murder charges have been brought against some people, almost all of them poor. Then the charge is often used as a bargaining chip to get the defendant to plead guilty to murder and accept a life sentence. This practice of using the threat of death to plea bargain is legal, and under current ethical standards, considered ethical. However I find such a practice immoral.

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